The best way to your expenses

Take a photo and store your receipts so they will be always available and easy to be found.

  • Digitalize

    Our OCR software allows you to digitalize paper-made receipts
  • Store

    Access your stored receipts via our secure App when you need them
  • Track

    Build healthy spending habits by monitoring expenses that often go under the radar



Share your expenses and report with whom you want

PDF Support

Attach the PDFs of your payments

Cloud Storage

Your expenses always available, at any time, everywhere

Smart Dashboard

View your trends over time and track your spending habits

Start attaching your PDF

With fees you’ll be able to attach the PDF of your bills or invoices in a quick & easy way, to better track in the most effective way your daily, monthly or yearly expenses.

Download the app and get visibility over your cash transactions

With fees, all your warranties will be stored in your personal account and always available

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